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      Brand History

      YUE BAST- Gifts from nature

      At 48.5696 N, 32.31469 E, the great plains of Ukraine, one of the three black lands in the world, there is a plenty of organic matters, which is 10 times of that in yellow lands. The plantation of YUE BAST naturally enables the flax fiber with antibacterial substance and diversity of chemical elements, which contribute to the special quality of YUE BAST.

      YUEBAST- Innovative textile printing and dyeing process with the original design of Italian fashion master and unique sewing process.

      YUEBAST- Pure natural enjoyment, supernatural fusion, my first choice.

      YUEBAST- Men’s dignity- unrestrained, Woman's taste- gentle

      Advantage of industrial chain:

      YUE BAST has an integrated industrial chain production system from flax planting, spinning, weaving, printing& dyeing to finished product sewing.

      From product R&D, sample making to mass production, the company has a set of strict and complete production quality control system, which provides customers with a strong production supply chain security.

      Product R&D:

      YUE BAST established R&D cooperation with Yellow River Delta Textile Science and Technology Research Institute, Donghua University, Qingdao University and other domestic institutions, industry head design institutions, well-known brand enterprises as well as set up product R&D bases in Italy, Ukraine, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

      Industry Cooperation:

      The company has established strategic partnerships with first-tier and second-tier brands including IKEA, H&M, ZARA, ONLY, VEROMODE, ICCE, INMAN, UR and OCE as well as in-depth cooperation in product development and supply chain management.

      YUE BAST has 3 fabric collections which target at fast fashion clothing fabric brands, medium and high-end men's and women's clothing fabric brands and customized fabric collections. It has 2 fashion brands including Italy SUPERLINO and YUE BAST Women Collections.

      SUPERLINO is positioned at high-end business men's wear, inheriting the mature and rich design heritage inherent in Italy, and inheriting the design technique of classical and modern integration, which fully embodies the integration of Eastern and Western cultures.

      YUEBAST is positioned as a high-end literary women's wear brand, which pursues a kind of indifferent and tranquil spiritual artistic conception and a feeling of physical and mental freedom. Generous and contracted clipping, express a kind of natural state of mind, revealing the pursuit attitude of modern city woman to vogue, freely pursuing nature and freedom between introversion and publicity.