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      Brand Introduction

      BRAND:QVÉC 饋客

      QVéC is an original ecological brand based on nature, man and all.
      It adheres to provide consumers with modern, simple, natural, high quality and easy matching fashion goods.

      QVéC adheres to the realization of environmental protection concept in every detail, constantly looking for the most environmentally friendly raw materials.
      It tries the best to ensure the environmental quality and bring the consumers a natural feeling of comfort and health from fabrics, lining, accessories to fillings.

      The design style adheres to the aesthetic principle of "Less is more"
      Keep constant heart in changes
      Keep the original design intentionThe externally beautiful and rugged arcs contain the design idea of QVéC. 


      Flax- Queen of Fiber
      The one of the key materials of QVéC
      Comfort and bacteriostasis are the biggest characteristics of flax fiber
      QVéC makes the most of it
      At the same time, it integrates comfort, easiness and freedom into fashionable design. 
      The simplest existence in the multiple fibers
      Strive for perfection
      Original comfort without deliberately
      Emphasize the most fundamental attitude towards life

      QVéC advocates 
      A slower pace of life,
      A quality life,
      A healthy mindset,
      A positive sense of confidence,
      A pursuit of life.

      QVéC provides wide prices, which enable it attract middle-class consumers who are moving from high-priced brands to mid-priced brands rather than just looking for bargains.

      Unique design elements are reflected in the simple and plain designThe product features of easy to buy, high cost effectiveness and easy matching provide customer the feeling of comfort and relax. It makes consumers naturally accept the life idea of high quality with fair price advocated by QVéC.

      2019F/W QVéC New Products Natural and Casual, Unbounded Body and Mind