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      Notice to Visitors

      Dear visitors:
      In order to have a pleasant trip, you need to know:
      I. Service time: 9:00 am- 16:00 pm
      II. The scenic spots promote civilized behaviors. Do not spit and throw litter everywhere. Illegal and criminal acts like destroying properties, fighting and brawling, causing disturbances and stealing are prohibited.
      III. Please take care of the elderly, children and pregnant women.
      IV. Please take care of your carry-on items during the tour. Non-valuable items that are inconvenient to carry can be deposited at the depository.
      V. Please pay attention to the safety warning, observe the tour order, do not climb over the safety fence; Do not enter the closed scenic spots for sightseeing. Do not crowd and fight. Be careful when climbing up and down the stone steps.
      VI. Inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods are not allowed to enter the scenic spot. Smoking is prohibited in the scenic spot.
      VII. Please protect the scenic spot resources, strictly prohibit the destruction of scenic spots, cultural relics, sightseeing facilities; Do not climb branches to break flowers and trees; Fishing, swimming and other harmful behaviors that damage water quality are strictly prohibited.
      VIII. Vehicles entering the scenic spot should drive along the prescribed route, and should consciously abide by the parking regulations and follow the dispatch and command of the staff.
      IX. You are welcome to put forward your opinions and suggestions on the tourist service of the scenic spot.
      YUYUE Home Textile Design& Exhibition Center reserves all the right to final interpretation.